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Angel Note
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death in Wyoming by Choral Responses

A post of a poem from my brother Twist reminded me of this poem I wrote in 2008:
When I die, let me die in Wyoming,
'Cause from there, there's no way to go but up!
Yes, when I die let me die in Wyoming,
But please don't bury me face-up.
Y'see in winter, the blizzards will freeze you,
And the summers will bake you bone-dry.
Y' say you don't want to die in Wyoming?
Well, on second thought, neither do I!
No, don't let me die in Wyoming!
And it's not that I hate heat or snow,
But when I die if I make it to Heaven,
There'll be such an awfully long, long way to go!


Inklings said...

I don't want to die or live in WY. I had all the Wyoming I need just driving through. :0s I do want to live while I am driving through, though.

Delirious said...

I don't's a toss up between Wyoming and Nevada....

Nene said...

Did you send this to Sticks? :0)

Mr. Giggles said...

It's actually a SONG I wrote while in Martin's Cove! After hiking some 21 miles or so, THIS is the song I had in my head. And probably for the only time, it is (appropriately) a country song....