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Angel Note
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free at Last....

LadyBug had her PET scan in Monday, and we visited at Dr. Chemo's office today for the results. The scan came back clear!!!! Shendoes have a fatty mass on her liver that she has to have checked by MRI to make sure it is only a fatty mass, but it did not show as cancerous on this scan, so we are confident of the results. This means she does not have to order any more blood thinner shots, as well, so she is VERY happy about that! As anyone can tell you who has been through cancer, this does not mean it is all over. She will have to remain vigilant for the rest of her life, but for now, we can breathe a little easier. We are planning a minor celebration tomorrow night. Most likely dinner and dollar-movies.... I know, we really know how to live!

She does still have issues, however. She gets out of breath easily, she cannot focus or remember things very quickly, and she has developed lymphedema, which causes fluid to build up in her left arm. She has been fitted for a compression sleeve, which she will have to wear, most likely, for the rest of her life, and has to make sure it fits properly, and has to wrap her whole arm at nights.

We just went to a meeting at our church tonight where we heard a presentation by the author of "Solo." She was flying a plane that crashed in the Colorado mountains, and was stranded for four days. It is a very inspiring story, and although it did not mirror our experiences, definitely echoed the feelings we have had this year as the Lord has spared LadyBug's life repeatedly. These things make us appreciate all our friends and family that much more!

Take care!


Delirious said...

I'm so happy for her, and for all of you! Definitely an answer to prayers.
I read the "Solo" book when I was young. It's a very inspiring story. I wish I could have been there!

Nene said...

I'm so happy for you guys! I had a friend in Ireland that had to wear a compression sleeve. She didn't have to wear it every single day, but when it bothered her she did.

Inklings said...

This is great news! Now she needs to do like Lance Armstrong and "Live Strong" :0)
By the way, I know the woman you heard, she lives in this town, used to live in the house kitty corner from us. She had quite an experience, didn't she? I've heard her speak several times.