Angel Note

Angel Note
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ports and Pedals

I realized I have not written A THING in quite some time! This will be short, but LadyBug finally got her port out! She is very excited, as this is one more milestone! She has discovered that she has two mildly bulging discs in her neck, which is what causes her neck pain and at least some of her headaches. We are hoping to ge that under control. I will post some pics later, but I am less than two weeks away from a 125 mile bike ride. I will be biking some highways and some bike trails from my home to my parents' house. The trip is full of beautiful scenery, and I will climb in that dostance a total of 1800 feet! Thankfully most of that eleveation change is gradual, but there are three big hills that I am not relishing. I will post some pics when I get back. I will try to include a pic of my newly restored Schwinn road bike. It is not as light as some of the newer bikes, but I cannot afford any of those! Take care, and get pedalling!


Delirious said...

Be very careful, because that is a narrow, windy road! My friend that is starting a huge bike trip on MOnday was once hit by a car while on a road like that. He remember nothing about the accident, but luckily a passerby stopped and helped him. His collarbone was broken, but I can't remember what else. So be extra careful!

Nene said...

If at any time you decide to not continue your bike ride, call my cell phone and I'll come get you in the truck. (Or call Mom & Dad). I should be there Friday night.