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Angel Note
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Westminster Chorus - Choir of the World 2009

The Westminster Chorus wins the Pavarotti Trophy and the Choir of the World title at the 2009 Choir of the World festival in Llangollen, Wales. Songs: 1. Lux Aurumque 2. Shenandoah 3. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel

Need I e-laborate? 
Westminster Choir College

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Nene said...

Fantastic! I love a men's choir! These guys are good! I loved watching the conductor - it was like he had strings on the whole choir - they would move with his movements. I also loved how the singers had to also sing with their hands. :0) I don't think I've ever seen this animated of a men's choir (with every song) since I saw the Vocal Majority (Dallas Choir - 100 men).