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Angel Note
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

THIS cradle WON'T Rock!

My sister, Inklings, posted a story on her blog about strange noises at night. It reminded me of one of our favorite stories of our Oldest Son. 
I was awakened one morning, quite early by my wife after she had gotten out of bed to check on the kids. She was quite worried, because she could not find our oldest. We checked the apartment, and found no sign of him. The most confusing aspect of all this was the fact that the front door was still locked, as were all the windows. We had no idea how he could have managed this great escape.
Realizing that there was no way he could have gotten out while still leaving the dead-bolt locked, we renewed our search of the apartment in earnest. One place we thought he may have gone was the bathtub, but alas, this too was vacant. As we turned to leave the bathroom, a thought occurred to us. Opening the door to the linen closet, we found our son asleep on the blankets at the bottom of the closet. 
He woke during the night, went to the bathroom, and just climbed in the closet and shut the door! We never had that happen again, but we have realized ever since then that he can just about sleep anywhere!

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