Angel Note

Angel Note
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The End of the Road (Almost)

LadyBug had her final reconstructive surgery on Thursday, and was released on Friday. The surgeon told me to expect a 2-4 hour procedure, and the nurses said, and that would be AFTER 30 minutes of prep! So I went to lunch. Granted, it was a long lunch, but even so, I figured I was getting back to the hospital with PLENTY of time!
When I got back, I asked the nurses at the desk where I should wait to talk to the doctor. They told me he had already left and LadyBug was in recovery! The surgery lasted only 1 1/2 hours, MUCH shorter than expected! The doctor called me while LadyBug was still in recovery and said things went much better than expected, and he felt she would have a speedy recovery.
One of the nurses showed LadyBug her scars before she left the hospital, and told her they were the cleanest scars she had ever seen! We feel very blessed through all of this, and greatly appreciate all your prayers on our behalf!
Compared to other operations, LadyBug has felt very good. She even went with me yesterday to a town to the south of us to buy some needed things. It has been a long road, and we aren't quite at the end, but we can see it from here.


Delirious said...

So glad to hear that things went so well! Hopefully things will only get better from here!

Nene said...

I agree with Delirious! Now she can recover and get her health back!

Inklings said...

I am glad it all went well!