Angel Note

Angel Note
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eye, Eye, Eye!

A milestone was reached in my life. I finally broke down and bought reading glasses! Mine aren't this nice, but they look a little like this:
They are only +1.0, but it is a step I have been putting off as long as possible. It seemed like my arms were either getting longer, or weren't long enough! Reading is easier now, and I can't wear them for anything else, but it still feels like my body has let me down! Alas! I guess I am getting older after all, despite my best efforts!


Delirious said...

I am lucky that I have been able to find cute reading glasses in the dollar section at Target. But I have also found that there are good glasses at the dollar stores. So check it out, hopefully you can find a couple more pair. Oh, and Costco has a pretty good deal of 3 for about $20. Welcome to the blind old person club. :) The reason I recommend checking out buying some more is that I have bought so many pair and keep losing them. lol I think I use a 1.5. It doesn't sound like much, until you are the one who uses them. lol

Stick said...

I have reading glasses for detail work, but I can read without them.

Nene said...

Back when I only had to wear reading glasses I bought several pair. Like Delirious, I was always losing them too. Now I have bifocals. 80+

Inklings said...

My eye doctor says it happens to most people over 40. :0+ I get mine at the dollar store, too, and have about 5 pairs - by my bed, by the couch, in my purse, by the sewing machine, etc.