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Angel Note
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Checking the Right

Today we went north again. We needed to get an MRI to see if there was anything in LadyBug's right breast that could cause concern. We also had an appointment with the plastic surgeon to see options for reconstruction. We ended the day with both good news and bad news.
First the bad. LadyBug's MRI showed a mass in her right breast. Dr. Wonderfulsurgeon said we should not panic, because it appears to just be fibrous tissue, but then that's how the left side started too. Regardless, it means we must go north AGAIN on Friday to get a sonogram, so they can compare images to decide what exactly is going on. It basically means that we still don't know whether this will be a double-mastectomy or single. It also doesn't help us know whether or not LadyBug will need radiation and chemo. So all we know is that we need to get more tests, and the operation is still Monday.
The good news is that whether LadyBug needs radiation or not, the reconstruction process will begin Monday while LadyBug is STILL ON THE TABLE. We saw several pictures today showing what the reconstruction process is like, including a coffee table book showing one woman's journey from mastectomy to recovery. Not for the squeamish, and not what you want to show to your kids friends, but very informative and encouraging. If LadyBug only needs one side removed,  they can not only rebuild that side, but build up the other so they match (including a breast lift on the right side). If she must have the double, then both sides will be rebuilt at the same time, and she can choose what size she wants when she gets there. I won't go into the gory details of everything reconstruction involves, but we will keep positive and keep posting through the process.
The prayers of all our loved ones have definitely helped us, and the strength we receive from the Lord keeps us going. We don't know how we will reach the end of all this, but we know that with His aid, we will reach it. This experience has brought us closer, built our faith, made us grateful for our blessings, and made LadyBug realize how many people care for her.
I don't know if we can say yet that we are thankful for this experience, but we can definitely say we are grateful for things that have come to us as a result of it. Thank you all.


Delirious said...

I watched a television program that showed a woman going through the process. They showed the gorey details, which now that I think about it, probably shouldn't have been shown on tv. :) But it was very interesting, and I do think it helps me to know that if I develop breast cancer, there is good treatment, and reconstruction can really give a sense of normalcy. She is in our prayers, and I do have faith that she will come out a survivor in the end.

Inklings said...

Hugs to you and your sweet wife. You are still in my prayers, so are her doctors, because I want this to go as easy as possible for her. I too have faith that all will be well, and our mother taught me we can go through all that if we have to, because I watched her do it.
Thanks for keeping us updated!

Nene said...

I googled it on the web and read about how they start the reconstruction immediately in some cases (not all). I thought it was really interesting. Good luck next week, we are praying for her too.

Dee Ice Hole said...

I am grateful that you went to a good surgeon that found all the problems and is continuing to work for a good resolution. Hope all goes well.