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Angel Note
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Insurance Companies are Evil

If you are planning to get health insurance, check first to see if your company covers the costs of the test for the cancer gene. Ours, Educator's Mutual, does not. Further more, the people who do the test told us it takes 10-14 days to receive results. That would be okay, if they had told us with more than 7 days until our surgery. Which means that even if we could afford the $3,300.00 cost of the test, we would not have results back in time to do any good. So double check those sorts of things before you throw good money to bad companies. Healthcare reform, my eye!


Inklings said...

I've said more than once that all insurance companies are going straight to hell. :0s I hate all the fineprint stuff that basically says they only care about their profits and not their enrollees.
So I take it from this that she did not have the test?

Nene said...

Insurance companies are more interested in treating things as they come. They put "an ambulance down in the valley" instead of "a fence at the top of the cliff".