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Angel Note
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Friday, November 26, 2010

LadyBug Fly Away Home

Tuesday, LadyBug was released from the hospital. She spent the night with her little sister and her husband, SnowMan. The next day, they brought her home to stay! They then went home, but came down again for Thanksgiving (more food than humanly possible to eat in a week!
For the first day, we had to check LadyBug's drains every four hours. Now we are up to 8 hours. This is a quite unpleasant task that I gladly perform, because it means I have a tangible way to help her! Kissa and SoccerGirl have helped a few times, and StarGazer has at least been trained, though he hasn't needed to help. Soon, we will need to remove the pain-med pump, and be done with that. Once the drain levels are low enough, we can go to Dr. Plastics and he'll remove the drains.
People keep asking what they can do to help. We respond that this is the first time we've ever gone through this, so we don't know what we'll need. One thing that will help is those who have volunteered to take LadyBug up north when she needs to go. I am more than half-way done with taking my possible leave days, so too many more, and the district will start docking my pay. We REALLY can't afford for that to happen.
We actually have more food right now than we know what to do with, so we are okay there. Which is good, since all our spare cash already went for gas to get north, and dinners while we were there. I get paid again in a few days, and LadyBug should get at least a small check next week. If we have too many trips, those will be gone fast. Thankfully, I have my classes at the College to help.
LadyBug is doing fairly well, considering. She takes Percoset for pain, plus another pill that makes her drowsy. She has spent 48 hours on the couch, only getting up to relieve herself or change. She can't shower for a while, but we have caps that you put over your hair to wash without water. Weird, but cool. She hurts, but it isn't unbearable, and she is staying focused. The rest of us are trying to stay as strong and positive as she needs us to be. The one thing that keeps us going is knowing that with the Lord's help we can get through anything. Thank you to all who have shown and offered your support!

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Nene said...

Tell her to be careful with the meds and to drink lots of water and fruit juice. That much pain killer can really stop up your system.