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Angel Note
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...And Back Again

LadyBug had a follow-up appointment with her surgeon today. Once of the ladies in town took her up, since I had a full day of school plus my last day of private lessons for the semester.
Dr. Wonderfulsurgeon saw her, and (YAY!) took out her drains! She finally will no be tied to those things (as it were). We won't have to empty them every day.
LadyBug was having too much pain in  her leg, though. The blood clot was so painful she couldn't sleep at night. So the doctor sent her in for a sonogram. They found that the blood clot was MOVING UP HER LEG! They immediately checked her into the hospital and took her to surgery. They have implanted a filter which will be in her leg for the rest of her life. But without the huge threat of a massive Pulmonary Embolism, that will be longer.
LadyBug will be in the hospital for another three days. They will see if they can make the anti-coagulants work this time.
On a different note, I've been dealing with nausea for several weeks now. I had blood work and a sonogram this week, and found out two BIG things. First, my Triglycerides are through the roof! Second, I have sludge in my Gall Bladder. I am not even going to consider gall bladder surgery at this time. I will wait until LadyBug is back fully on her feet. I can't take care of her if I am on my back in a hospital also.

So, I am trying to adjust my diet for both cholesterol and gall bladder friendly foods. I will NOT do a  no-carb diet. First, some carbs are good for you. Second, no-carb diets are WORSE THAN DEATH! I'd rather die young and enjoy variety and flavor than live long on that sort of food! I will also look into herbal supplements or medicines that are shown to reduce sludge and help cholesterol.
And in case you talk to mom, they said NOTHING about my blood SUGAR level!
We will hope for the best, but once again, I just want LadyBug home....


Delirious said...

The main thing with gall bladder is fatty foods. Avoid ice cream, whole milk, french fries, potato chips, butter, sour cream, you know...basically anything that tastes good. :)

For the record, I do not believe in "no-carb" diets. If you look at the Word of Wisdom, it specifically mentions that we should eat grains. Of course, whole grains are preferred. And too much meat can be killer on your liver.

I'm wondering if Ladybug has what some other members of our family have; a tendency for blood clots. Nene knows more about it I think. It's a blood condition. I didn't realize she had one in her leg, I thought she only had one in her lung. OUCH!

But as far as your gall bladder goes, if you are able to do the lapryscopy, (or however it is spelled) your recovery time is much quicker. But to avoid missing work, you might want to wait until summer. I would say you will be totally back to normal after 2 weeks. But it was inevitable. Our family has goofy gall bladders.

And one last thing. Just because they didn't say anything about your blood sugar doesn't mean you don't have problems. :P Did they even test for that? That's a separate test all together. But thanks, because now Mom will be hounding all of us about getting our cholesterol tested. ;)

Stick said...

Don't ask and DON"T tell (Mom)! I am probably right there with you, but I have not had mine checked. Also, I thought you already entitled a post, "It never rains but..." . We're praying for ya.

Inklings said...

I hate to tell you this, but tryglicerides are associated with high blood sugar.
Blood sugar is a whole different test - you need to have an A1C done.
Sorry about your gall bladder, but like Delirious said, it does seem to be a family gene. You will feel much better when you get it out.
By the way, Mom recently had her cholesterol tested and it is through the roof, too. :0s

Nene said...

Before I had my gall bladder out, my dr put me on an 800 calorie/No fat diet for a month. I lost 30 pounds in a month. I'm not suggesting the 800 calorie diet, but you should cut all your fats if possible to prevent you from having another gall bladder attack. Trust me, nausea is the least of your worries in a gall bladder attack. My attacks felt like someone was stabbing a stake through my stomach.

Gilbert Girl has the blood clot syndrome. I can't remember what it's called. That is why she lost her 2nd baby at 5 months - she got a blood clot and the placenta separated from the uterus. Tell Ladybug to drink lots of water along with her blood thinners and make sure she gets up at least once an hour to walk around.