Angel Note

Angel Note
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

News from the Front

We have had an interesting week. We went up on Tuesday to use some movie tickets we had been given by the hospital. We saw the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, and LOVED it! We have the audio books (in two different versions) and the written books, and our whole family has always enjoyed these wonderful tales! We spent the night at Snowman's house, visiting with him and his wife, LadyBug's sister. We also had dinner at their place.
Wednesday we went further north to the hospital where LadyBug was to have her Port-a-Cath installed. She got the Power Port put in which will help with all injections, IV's, and blood tests for her chemo treatments. This is an out-patient procedure, but we still ended up being in the hospital for almost six hours!
The next day, we spent the gift-card my sister Inklings gave us (thanks, sis!). We figured LadyBug won't be able to eat much some of the time while on chemo, so we got a juicer so she can get some nutrients in liquid form. We also got ZeldaPrincess a CD, and season 1 of a favorite TV show DVD. It has been kinda different pushing LadyBug around Wal-Mart in a wheelchair for a couple of weeks now!
So today, we had a visit with Dr. Chemo. He was going to start treatments today, and LadyBug even had blood tests to make sure she was healthy enough to begin. After verifying that she was in good health, he asked if she had any further questions. She told him she had been reading the book he gave her and wondered why she had been diagnosed with this particular form of cancer when symptoms pointed at another.
He explained biopsies and pathology reports, and then asked her what symptoms she had that made her ask the question. She told him all the things that made her wonder about the diagnosis.
After some discussion, he told her she had "raised doubts in his mind." He says he thinks we should now try a different treatment called Adriamycin, which is nicknamed, "The Red Devil." Nice name, huh?
This is a harsher, more aggressive form of chemo. She will no longer just have 6 treatments over 18 weeks, but 8 treatments over 16 weeks. The regimen will be more difficult than previously planned, and she will wait until next week to start. Then she will finish 1 week earlier than originally thought.
One source says the side-effects include, "hair loss, short term memory loss, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pains, loss of sleep, sweats, mouth sores, watery eyes, neuropathy, and on and on.....nasty, nasty stuff."
LadyBug is very nervous now, even more than before, but if this is what it takes to get healthy and stay that way, it is simply what must be. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.
On a personal note, my diet continues, much to my chagrin. At times, I am ready to chuck it all and die young, but I think about what LadyBug is going to be going through, and realize a little sacrifice on my part is nothing. One good thing, though: in the two weeks I have been going, I have already lost 15 lbs.! Not bad for just watching what I eat. I'm not even getting much exercise yet! Guess I can keep it up for a while longer....
Take Care!


Delirious said...

Wow, I know this month or two will be difficult! We are keeping her in our prayers.

As for your diet, you do realize, don't you, that you can't diet, then after you lose the weight go back to your old way of eating, don't you? Even if you have your gall bladder out, if you go back to the same diet, you will be looking at other health problems. But 15 pounds? That is AWESOME! Whatever you are doing sure is working!

Mr. Giggles said...

Ya, I know. What I meant by "keeping it up for a while longer," was that I'm hoping by the time I get to where I need to be weight-wise, I'll be used to eating this way. At that point, I won't have to be QUITE as strict, but I also know I can't simply go crazy with bad food again. I'm just looking forward to being able to enjoy a steak once in awhile, or eat a cookie without feeling guilty!

Nene said...

I think it's great that you've lost that much already. And you are getting exercise - pushing Ladybug in her wheelchair! :0)

Stick said...

We have been praying for Ladybug, and that her doctors would know what to do to help her fully recover. Maybe this is an answer to that prayer.

As for your diet, you have inspired me to get back to mine and lose the weight that quitting Wally World put back on me. The race is on--to health!