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Angel Note
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Update

LadyBug will be released from the hospital on Friday. Then, for the next six months she gets the pleasure of injecting blood thinners into her belly twice a day! We have been told that if we go through what is called an "Infusion Pharmacy," we will have NO out-of-pocket expenses. If we don't (or can't), the medicines are $900 per month! No I don't know much about making medicines, but even at a 100% mark-up, I can't imagine ANYONE ever SPENT $450 to make one month's worth of medicine. Just my opinion. If it cost them that much, they got ripped off, because I think charging that much for vital medication is HIGHWAY ROBBERY!
Now I don't want her to rush into anything, but I hope that things work out relatively quickly from here, because we are hurting without LadyBug's salary. She has been out of work for three weeks now (we were told two), and we have received some unexpected checks that actually make up what was lacking in her last check. I should be getting one more check this month that is only slightly unexpected that will cover some of her next check. But we definitely need her to be ABLE to go to work soon.
On a personal note, I had been adjusting what sorts of food I eat. I am choosing low fat, low carb foods. I have enjoyed a salmon fillet, apples, soup, and tuna. The problem is...I'm STARVING! I honestly think I could win an eating competition right now! SO FAR, I haven't been too terribly bored with these foods, but they leave me wishing for about 60 oz. of STEAK! With mashed potatoes. And dessert. I have tried to make do with fruits, etc. to wind up meals. Apples are good for my condition, and I love bananas too, and have been munching on small pieces of fresh coconut to give me a sense of dessert. I still wondered how long we'd have to BBQ our dog before dinner could be ready.... Naw, not enough meat....
I will keep posting on LadyBug's progress, and whether or not I eat the sheep in our neighbor's yard...
Take Care!


Delirious said...

I recently lost weight when I was having health problems. During the process my stomach shrunk. I am learning to detect the "full sensation" even better now. I have decided to continue to keep my portions smaller, so that my stomach doesn't get back to the same size it was. But it's tricky because if I really like a food, it's tempting to eat more, even if I'm already full. So I have to really be careful. My point in all of this is that you are starving right now, but once your stomach shrinks, you will start to feel full again. :)

Inklings said...

I feel your pain as I try to keep my diabetes in check. :0)
Trust in the Lord. Things will work out for you, your wife, and kids in ways you cannot even imagine.