Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Upward Swing

Her most recent treatment was this last Thursday. Skitl was home finally, so took her there. The doctor gave her iron in her IV, and she is almost over her infection, so she felt pretty good the last couple of days. The iron really did it for her! She can't take iron supplement pills, because they make her nauseous, but the intravenous iron worked wonders!
So now we only have a month left! Then just over a month of radiation before starting the final surgeries to finish reconstruction. 
On a personal note, I was down 51 lbs. this morning! All my newest clothes no longer fit me! If anyone needs a nice double-breasted tuxedo coat and shirt for a larger gentleman, I have one now that I can't wear! I also have to get rid of all my cargo pants! I hate that, but luckily, I have my skinnier clothes to fall back on.
I also have several pairs of size 40X32 jeans I can't wear anymore. I also kept my skinnier jeans, so I at least have clothes. If I lose much more, though, I will have to buy a whole new wardrobe! I sure hope either LadyBug goes back to work before that happens, or I sell my book. I don't think I can wear warm-up and sweat pants to school (or during the summer!).
Skitl has indicated that he may start my diet, too. I don't know if he has the willpower for it though, since I couldn't do it without a real reason (LadyBug). If his only reason is to lose weight, he may not have the will-power to make it. I hope he does. I don't want to outlive my son.
And I have to take my elliptical apart this week to find out where it is busted. I am rather proud of the fact that I actually wore out an exercise machine, though! I need to get my regular bike back from Kiss. If I can get in shape, perhaps I will ride through the summer. What do you think, Stick? You up for some back-road biking? You're a better biker than me, but even if I can't keep up I can eventually CATCH up! Maybe we could head to the M. Canyon and hit the bike trail there. It is about 7 miles long. I think it may be connected to a bike trail that goes almost to Inklings' town. Pretty trail. Plus there is one in R. C. out to the east of Mom and Dad's place. It looks very nice.
Of course, my bike is VERY heavy, too, so I will not be in good spirits going UP HILL, but I'm up for a challenge at least! One of my goals one of these years is to ride the distance from here to Mom and Dad's place. It will take ME several days. There are bikers who could do it in one day, still have time to shower, eat and take in a movie. I'm not one of those people! But it would be kinda cool to bike part way, camp, then finish the ride.
The rest of the summer, I will just enjoy time with LadyBug. We are SO ready for this to be over!
Well, take care all!


Stick said...

One of the things that I want to do to lose more of my weight is ride my bike. I would need some serious training to ride a 50-150 mile ride though. I have done 50's in 2-3 hours when I was younger and in shape, but that has been a while. The rides around Hatch sound fun though!

Nene said...

Save your clothes for either Inkling's son or mine. Don't know what size Inkling's son is, but mine is about that size.

So glad to hear Ladybug is almost done with her chemo! Yay!

Inklings said...

I am so happy your wife is doing better and feeling better. I pray for her several times a day!