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Angel Note
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Memory Ain't What It Used to Be....Or Is it?

Skitl had to take my truck up north yesterday to get his stuff out of storage up there and bring it down to put it in storage down here. He was sharing a shed with a friend who was moving, so rented a shed closer to home. He left early afternoon and got back early evening.
While up there, he stopped at the mall, and called me to tell me the tags on my truck were expired as of AUGUST of last year! I could have sworn I renewed that, but after calling, the office confirmed that it had not been renewed. This would have been right around the time LadyBug was recovering from her first surgery, so that at least explains how it happened. Plus, I haven't been driving the truck because the van gets better gas mileage.
So today I got an inspection, and will head to the DMV right after lunch. I don't know how much the registration is going to be, but it is just one more expense among many right now. I'm sure it will be more since we've been driving for several months with it expired.
At least everything else is looking a little better. LadyBug is just starting to feel this last round of chemo, but she still is doing better than on the last drug, and she only has two left, so we are almost to the end of chemo. Skitl has joined me on my diet, though I don't know how long he'll last. I think he was okay as long as his father weighed more than him, but having me weight less really made him think! 
He has never been one to like veggies. In fact, I think he'd rather get a root canal than eat most. As a kid, he would chew each piece of meat like it was gum! We would have to tell him to swallow it so he could eat some more. He would then chew that piece for a half-hour if we'd let him. He does okay with seafood and poultry, but he is a beef-eater through-and-through. If you could survive on steaks and burgers alone, I think he would be just fine with that!
It's a little strange, though, because StarGazer was always something of a vegetarian, because his tonsils were too big to swallow meat effectively. He is still thin, and healthy. He runs, he does Yoga, and he would rather have sushi than anything. Kissa, ZeldaPrincess and I agree with him on that one. LadyBug likes the Teriyaki Chicken with Yakisoba Noodles, but won't eat sushi. Actually she can't right now. The chemo would react badly with some of the bacterias in the fish, etc. Skitl likes sushi, but would rather eat at a steak-house, or Carl's Jr.
Wow....talking about food. Must be lunch time. I am a bit peckish, having ridden my bike for the first time today, so I think I'll go grab some whole-wheat spaghetti. Happy eating!

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Nene said...

One time I got pulled over for having expired tags. I told the cop I SWORE I had renewed it. He called it in. Turns out I HAD renewed it but had never put the tag on. I told him I had given that job to my husband. He let me off with a warning and told me not to be too hard on my husband when I got home. :0)