Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Inevitability of Change

For sixteen years, I have been teaching music. I have taught 7th Grade Chorus, 7th Grade general Music, 8th Grade Chorus, 8th Grade General Music, Beginning Strings, Intermediate Strings, 6th Grade Band, High School Intermediate Band, High School Concert Choir, Concurrent Enrollment College Music Appreciation, Private Voice, Beginning Show Choir, and Women's Choir. In all that time, the Women's Choir was my only auditioned group. They have been my pride and joy, my sanity-saver, my "angels."
This year, one of my angels decided to take it upon herself to make something a little different happen. She recruited and begged until she had a list of boys to try out for a new mixed Chamber Choir. For the first time in sixteen years more than the usual 1-4 boys tried out for my choir. In fact, the thing that was holding us back was the one thing I didn't foresee--we didn't have enough girls to make both the new Chamber Choir and the Women's Choir as big as I would like.  
But we had plenty of boys. What I decided was to have eight boys and eight girls in the new choir, and keep almost all of the rest of the girls for the Women's Choir. The Women's Choir has been this small before (and smaller), so I'm not really worried, but I finally get the chance to work with an ALL-AUDITIONED mixed group! I am so excited! We are thinking that for at least half the year, they will be a show choir (NO, I am NOT a fan of "Glee"), and for the rest of the year, a competing chamber choir. This will allow us to have fun and be serious all in the same year. 
One thing I wish had happened was that we could have just taken the boys and started a Men's Choir. One of the guys informed me, however, that there had been talk that if we didn't have girls in the group, they would drop the class. Well, guess what--half of the boys didn't make it anyway, since we needed to balance the girls. We could have had something very cool in a Men's Choir, but a mixed choir will still be fun. Tonight, after chatting with my family online, I will head to my office to type up and print the lists for next year's groups. The students will excitedly check my door to find if they made a group, and into which one I placed them. 
I know not everyone will be happy. I learned a long time ago I couldn't please everyone, so stopped trying to achieve perfection in that area. And if anyone asks why they didn't make the group, I will just have to say, "Well, you would have made it if it could have been [this type of] choir. We just didn't have enough spots. You should take Concert Choir and try out again next year!"
Perhaps if this happens, the guys will learn something and possibly allow a Men's Choir. If not, We'll just continue doing what we're doing. I'm cool either way.
One fun thing happened this week. Our local Search and Rescue was holding their "Support our Search and Rescue: Get Lost!" fund raising campaign. They sell pop, and get Lost tee-shirts. The main thing they do, however, is have people go around "arresting" other people. You have to stay at their booth until you either buy a shirt or some pop, or someone "bails you out." I just paid the $10 for the tee, and they gave me a free dinner coupon to go with it, so I will get LadyBug a cheeseburger meal one of these days soon.
And on an unrelated topic, Skitl has officially joined me on my diet. He has already lost a few pounds this week, so perhaps he will see some benefits and stick with it. He may not have the self-discipline, though, so only time will tell. I have started boxing up my "fat" clothes. I am keeping the ones that fit relatively okay, and will save the rest for any family or friends who want them. I still have a tux jacket and shirt that no longer fit me, as well as a sport coat, several pairs of jeans, cargo pants, and at least one pair of shorts. I'm not looking forward to replacing all the shorts I can't wear anymore, though!
I only have about three weeks left of voice lessons at our local college, then get the summer off. I am still debating whether or not I should get a temp job for the first part of the summer. I want to spend time with LadyBug, but without her working for the past months, we really need me to get something. If I do, I will still have almost all of July, and half of August to spend with her, including evenings after whatever job I get. I am torn trying to decide what to do. I will take any opinions and advice...
To all my extended family, and friends (and any strangers): Take care! To my siblings: Catch you in Chat in fifteen minutes!


Nene said...

Since you're taking opinions and advice: I say try for a temp job. You never know what the future holds in store and it's always good to have a little cash in the bank!

Inklings said...

I agree with Nene on that one. And won't your wife be working this summer anyway? Also, there is a quote - can't remember by who - that says, "The only thing constant is change."