Angel Note

Angel Note
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things Are Looking Up....Especially the River!

Those who have been to our little town know there is a river that runs right through, crossing under main street. Our city recently paved a pedestrian walkway that stretches for over a mile along the banks. It is a great place to walk, run, bike, or get exercise in some other way, while enjoying the sounds of the river and birds, and taking in some sunlight (or moonlight...).

In 1983, our little river flooded over its banks and into the surrounding area. That included land where our house now sits. This year, the potential for flooding is quite high again, so the city took early measures. They have built a dike along the turn in the river to keep it away from our homes (including the brand new subdivision between us and the river. On my walk tonight, I took some mobile pics of the dike and the already-swollen river.

I also thought I would put up some of the photos we took at our bonfire. You can almost feel the warmth! Which, after my walk in the cold breeze, would feel quite nice about now.... At least it's still paying off--I reached the 60 lb. mark today! I only have another 15 lbs. to my original target weight.

And lastly, before the pics, I will give a brief update. LadyBug has her appointment with Dr. Rads this Thursday. I am taking the second half of the day off to take her up and be with her for this. We still don't know how we are going to GET her to all her appointments, because both Kissa and I will most likely need to work. The Lord will provide, though, and we will just have faith that it will all work out. And on a related topic, my choir will be raising money for cancer research in this year's "Relay for Life." Anyone wishing to donate is more than welcome. Every penny raised goes to the battle against this common enemy.

Enjoy the photos!


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