Angel Note

Angel Note
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The End of the Beginning

She gets three weeks until her radiation begins, but we are both VERY happy that this part is done.
Dr. Chemo said he wants her to stay on blood thinners for ANOTHER six months! He is concerned with her shortness of breath, and concerned with her responses to surgeries so far, so wants her to continue. He said he will prescribe pills instead of shots. The good thing will be no more bruises from shots. The bad thing is that the shots were free, whereas we will be paying a copay for the pills. LadyBug had a problem with the pills the first time, but he believes she has been on the Lovenox long enough for them to work now. If she has problems, he will put her back on the shots.
Now we will relax for a couple of weeks, and try to enjoy not having me drive to the college twice a week. As the school year comes to a close, life will be busy, but that is nothing new.
Today, Skitl and I pulled out the main fence post in our back yard. I pulled all the green metal posts, but this one cedar post about did me in. Skitl ended up chopping through it with the pick-axe. I then pulled the entire fence down, and burned almost all the weeds that were stuck to it. As soon as I can, I will roll the fence up to get rid of it. I have the green posts leaning against my shed right now, and I will get rid of them when I can.
As soon as I can, I will mow again, and I think our back yard will look pretty good. I don't know how much will happen this weekend, though, because I have a meeting tomorrow and LadyBug and I are going to watch Kissa dance in a concert. Then Sunday is the big 43, so I don't think I want to wear myself out before that. Of course, even worn out, I'm in better shape than I've been in for too many years to think about. 
I also have still not thought much more about a summer job, other than the fact that I need one. One thing we need to do is re-shingle the south side of our house. I would LOVE to take off our stupid roof swamp cooler, board over the hole and eventually get a window unit. We have a small AC unit for the window, but it doesn't really cool much more than one room. I don't get quite so hot anymore, since I have lost so much "insulation," so maybe I can manage without much cooling. I do know that leaving that awful cooler on the roof will only ruin whatever shingles we eventually put up!
Well, it's time to go put the cover back on the grill (turkey burgers tonight--with jalapenos!!!), and go to bed. Goodnight, all!


Inklings said...

I'm so glad she's done with chemo! Soon this nightmare will be over for her. Hang in there!

Delirious said...

Yay, chemo is done! I'm glad she gets a little rest from treatments.

Nene said...

I'm praying that her radiation treatments won't get her down too much. Glad she's done with the chemo though.

I'm also excited the hear about your energ level and your yard project. If you have more energy than you can use up, you can come help me rake up bark! :0)