Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy as a ........

So one of the vocal instructors at our institution of higher education was given the boot. It was not necessarily a nice thing, and left the remaining instructor high and dry. I was sorry to see her go, because she has been a major fixture in this particular place for quite some time (longer than I've been here, for sure).

The head of the department called me up and asked if I would take up some of the slack. He has hired a new instructor, but wants to ease her into the rigors of college life slowly. I have been wondering how to make all the ends around here meet like I wish they could , so I agreed. Now, I have ten students, with the possibility that I could get one or two more by next week. I love this, but it scares me a bit. First, i have never had that many individual voice students at one time before. Second, I will not be home from 7:30 a.m. until after 8:00 p.m. four days a week. The pay is good, the job is good, the people are fantastic, and the experience will do great things for me. Unless I die from a massive coronary first, or end up in a completely different type of institution trying to lick the flowers in the wallpaper.

Wish me luck!


Delirious said...

Yay! That is great! I think it will give you some in with the "institute of higher learning" ;)

Inklings said...

I agree with Delirious and was going to write the same thing. Good luck!