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Angel Note
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Life is Up in Smoke

So, for the past week, there have been numerous fires around the state, adding to the smoke coming in from California.The result has at times looked like we were half in a smoker's lounge, and half in a nuclear winter. Needless to say, I (and others) have been having difficulty breathing. It makes me wonder how smokers can even make it through a day, let alone a week, month, year, lifetime of inhaling stuff that kills people every day.
And then I thought of a solution--the answer is in Australia. That's right, little koalas have, in their diet the solution to some of our problems. All the government has to do is seed all those thousands of acres of wilderness with Eucalyptus trees! Then when there is a forest fire, at least we will be inhaling MENTHOLS!

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Delirious said...

We have eucalyptus here in California. The problem is that they are HUGE trees! They get REALLY tall!