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Angel Note
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Saturday, September 19, 2009


So I hear that there is a phenomenon in Utah that does not exist in any other state. It is called the "Utah Poof." This is where a girl "poofs" her hair in the back to create a weird sort of helmet shape. I don't quite understand the appeal. I mean, there was a similar look in "Battlefield: Earth," and I guess the crystal skull in the final Indiana Jones movie had a shape very much like this particular Utah style, but do we really want our females attracting aliens? Is this meant to lure them into abductions? If so, why? Did Marge Simpson start this? How does this sort of . . . well, to be honest . . . butt-headed look . . . start? Mankind may never know. I ask those of my two or three readers out there: Have you seen this "Beam-me-up" style anywhere else in the world?
Of course, with the guys looking like their crotches and butts are hanging around their knees, perhaps we shouldn't worry. I mean, it's only fair. The guys make it look like their butts are at their knees, and the gals respond by putting theirs on the back of their heads. Hmmm . . . . either one is better than guaging their ears. I wonder what they'll come up with next.


Delirious said...

You obviously haven't seen the commercials for the "bump it"

I have seen this style, but frankly, I think it's on it's way out.

What I hate about guys sagging their pants is that they have to hold their crotch all day to keep their pants up. Makes them look like little boys that need to go to the bathroom.

And yes...ear gaging is the worst, especially if it is a girl. There is a girl at Papa Murphy's pizza that has her ears gaged. It just looks cheap and tacky and gross.

Stick said...

This style is in southern Wyoming as well. Guess we are close enough to Utah that the girls here get to SLC once in a while to shop and see the fashion trends. Luckily, my girls think it looks dumb too! Gauging is just plain dumb. If you want attention, don't worry. In ten or fifteen years, when you want to get rid of those gauged ears, you'll be getting plenty of attention from the sagging loops on each side of your head.

Inklings said...

You seriously need to get out of that high school for a little while.....:0)

Nene said...

I was going to tell you about the "Bump It" too, but Delirious beat me to it. I saw it for sale in St. George at Walmart. :0+ It sounds like "Big Hair" in Texas. Maybe Utah had too many Texans move in and the girls got jealous. :0)

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Isn't that Italian for "Excuse me"?

Amber said...

i think it's cute - it's very 1950s, and i have seriously contemplated getting the bump-it, but am too embarassed to LOL