Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our New Musical

We just finished tryouts for "Footloose" at our high school. We had one of the best turn-outs we've ever had before. Many of them were dancers who don't really want to sing, but the show has tons of choreography and one of their dance teachers is choreographing some of the show.

I was EXTREMELY against this particular show from the beginning, but I am warming up to it now. Some of the new songs are a bit hick, and some of the songs from the original movie are worthless, but I am liking some of the things I am hearing, so I will reserve final judgment for now. I mean, I can actually play the Kevin Bacon game, but this isn't on my Top 10 Films of All Time list.

The best news, though, is that there are two female leads in the show, and my daughters were cast in those parts (no, I didn't make the decision). They are both VERY excited, and I hope they can deal with the boys who are playing opposite them.


Delirious said...

It sounds like it will be a fun production, even if it's not the best musically produced. :)

Amber said...

that's awesome - it sounds like it will be a fun show!!

Inklings said...

Congratulations to your girls. I think they will really enjoy that.