Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Might Be in Our Family....

1. If you blame inappropriate humor on a particular bloodline.
2. If  you've ever sung, "It's time to go-o, it's time to go-o. I hear those silv'ry tru-umpets blo-ow, it's ...."
3. If  you've ever been fishing for 5 days in a row with nothing to show for it.
4. If  the most camping you do is in a front / side yard right in town.
5. If you receive family letters written in "the order I made my notes."
6. If you ever asked what was for dinner and were asked, "How do you want your hamburger?"
7. If  you've ever been the only person in church NOT singing the melody line of a hymn.
8. If  you've ever been part of a min-van caravan (or a Caravan caravan...).
9 If  you brake for Yard Sales.
10. If you look for Christmas presents that don't hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.
11. If you swam in the river as a kid, but won't let your own kids do it.
12. If you walked to church during summer vacation because it was faster than driving.  
13. If you thought six kids was a normal-sized family.
14. If the sight of a 3/4 ton camper shell gives you chills.
15. If you agonize all year about one meal you will cook in the summer.
16. If sleeping on the couch is the better choice.
17. If you ever made a movie about waiting to go to the bathroom.
18. If you have to hide cards to play solitaire.
19. If you have been in a parade for a town you don't live in.
20. If your parade costume is older than your parents.
21. If you or a relative have ever made up rap songs about how boring the town is.
22. If the sound of "Good morning to you!" woke you at six in the morning.
23. If a highlight of the week is visiting the D. U. P. museum.
24. If you have to go to the Indian store at least once in a summer.
25. If the playground is more dangerous than playing football.
26. If the only exercise you get is walking to the post office at 10:00 a.m.
27. If you wait to go to the post office until Price is Right is over.
28. If three bags of cereal is not enough.
29. If you ever crashed a sled to avoid barbed wire.
30. I church attendance triples when you visit family.
31. If you get 30 people ready for church with only one shower.
32. If the Rock Shop is a major destination.
33. If you've ever hiked to the dump.
34. If you have to drive the dips at least once a year.
35. If you had to walk around town just to discuss Harry Potter 6.
36. If the closest internet connection is 15 miles away in a library.

Feel free to submit more....


Twist's Tales said...

Great list. Too true. Thanks for compiling it.

Delirious said...

I just wanted to finish the song...

"I hear those silvery trumpets blow. Goodbye, goodbye my friend."

How about,
--When you are ready to go and you are asked, "Are you Al-Read-dy to go?"
--If you set your alarm for 2:00 in the morning so you can chat with your siblings online. :)
--You hope you didn't inherit "that" blood. ;)
--You go to the same destination for every summer vacation for your entire life.

Mr. Giggles said...

If you hear, "Move your feet, lose you seat!"

If you play musical chairs without the music.

If you don't need to invite anyone over to play Bunko.

If you've ever seen 2 John Wayne DVD's in one day.

If I say, "turquoise trim" and you know what I mean.

If you do crossword puzzles as a family.

If you camp out, ending a drought.

If family laughs at your jokes, but nobody else does.

If your kids hear, "Which one do you belong to?" at church.

If you only attend that church once a year, but they still know you.

If you have a relative who wants to check your blood-sugar level.

If you still miss the water from the under-ground stream.

Nene said...

If having the runs is the better alternative than drinking the wormwood tea to cure it.

If you go to the store and buy 6 gallons of milk and it's gone in
2 1/2 days.

If you sit outside under a canopy during a rainstorm just so you can have a seat while you eat your dinner.

If it's faster to drive to the motel to go to the bathroom than wait in line.


Inklings said...

Too funny, but I think you have listed about everything.

Amber said...

LOL Love it!!

Inklings said...

I finally thought of ONE: If you have written a book or if you have an idea to write a book :0)