Angel Note

Angel Note
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Suprise Present from My kids

Last year, my kids surprised my wife by staying up all night and cleaning. They surprised me with a very cool rapier.
This year, they outdid themselves. For my wife, Utah Jazz shirt and hoodie, and for me a gas grill, pictured below. I won't go into a full list of everything we got this year, but this was definitely unexpected and awesome.

I even broke it in already, on Sunday, cooking up some beautiful steaks. The only problem is, it cooks so evenly, I have to relearn how to cook!
Our Biggest gift to the family was to finally replace our 15- or 16- year old TV, that was so fuzzy you couldn't read all menu items or, more importantly, scores for Jazz games.


Delirious said...

That's nice! I bet you get a lot of use out of it

Nene said...


Nicole said...

Great gift! Good for them!