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Angel Note
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dropping a Few

Lately, I have put a lot on here about LadyBug's cancer. I've come to realize though, that there is another word some people tend to avoid: "diet." I recently visited my doctor to find out why I was having nausea. He sent me for a sonogram that showed I have sludge in my gall bladder. A blood test also showed that though my cholesterol was a little high, my triglycerides were VERY high....496, to be exact! That means a stroke or heart attack in no time.
So, I started a diet. One thing I decided early on, though, was that if I was bored with my food, I would choose the stroke. If eating cardboard was the only option, the heart attack would be welcome. Well, let me tell you one of the most overlooked facts of dieting: Chili Peppers have ZERO fat, and ZERO cholesterol, AND ZERO sugar! They are one of the most heart-healthy things you can eat!  Fact number two: Dark Chocolate in small amounts REDUCES cholesterol, AND blood pressure, along with boosting your bodies insulin reception!
So I watch fat grams in food, choosing the lowest choice every time. I watch cholesterol and sugar and carbs, too. I will admit that I still don't exercise like I should, which is to say, not at all. But in the last month, I have lost 20 lbs.! Imagine  what I could lose if I was exercising! And the best thing is, I still enjoy my food. I will admit, I don't count sodium. Maybe I should, and maybe I will some day. But I don't salt my food--ever. I do add salsa. I do add Cayenne. But no salt. So I think I probably do okay there.
The thing is, I can't take care of LadyBug if I am in a hospital getting my gallbladder out. And I can't take care of her if I am suffering a stroke or whatever. So now I'm dropping pounds. I even punched a new hole in my belt!
Only one thing worries me: What do I do when all my clothes are too big?


Delirious said...

Shop at Deseret Industries! You would be surprised what you can find if you are a smaller size!

Nene said...

Is your font getting smaller and smaller supposed to be like you getting smaller and smaller? I could hardly read the last parts.

Stick said...

Nene, that is because he is getting smaller and smaller. :p)