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Angel Note
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

DVT's and Filters and Stents, Oh My!

LadyBug went in on Thursday to have her filter removed. It was more complicated than that, however. First, her blood count could not be too low from the chemo, second, she couldn't have any clotting. Well, one out of two isn't so bad.
Her blood count was fine, but the sonogram showed she still had some clotting. This meant a major change in what happened. First, they could not simply remove the filter. They had to replace it. In a different spot. So, they went in and took out the old filter, then place a new one in a slightly different location. Just so you know, it is called a "Vena Cava" Filter. Here is a picture of one:
After they replaced the filter, they had to deal with the clotting issues. He said there was extensive scarring in her Iliac Vein, some so old she probably didn't even know about it. The main issue with her blood flow out of her leg was caused by May-Thurmer Syndrome, where the Iliac Artery actually crushes the Iliac Vein.
The Surgeon had to go in and put in stents to keep the vein open.
Then he went into other parts of her vein where there was either clotting or scarring and performed angioplasty.
These procedures opened the vein and finally allow spontaneous blood-flow out of her left leg. He says he need to see her in four to six weeks, then about every six months or so for the next two years, to make sure the stents hold and the vein doesn't collapse again. If this all works, she will be fine. The stents are permanent. If he didn't perform this procedure, she would have swelling in her leg and pain for the rest of her life. I won't put the pictures I found of that on here. Some of you may have just eaten.
Speaking of eating, I am now down almost 25 lbs.! I am also fully convinced that it is possible to diet and still enjoy food. AND....I did something yesterday that I have never done before, nor did I ever consider could happen. I went into a shop, stood at the counter, and SAMPLED HOT SAUCES!!!
There is a little store in an outdoor shopping center in our state's capital that sells pepper related items, such as hot sauce, barbecue sauces, drink mixes, powders, etc. They have everything you could ever possibly want in that category! AND...they have little plastic spoons, into which they will pour sample after sample into for you. I LOVED the "F'in Hot" Serrano and Garlic Sauce. It was delicious! I bought a bottle (more $$$ than I would care to admit.....), and have used it in two separate meals already. Yummy, even though it does have habanero in it also.

I was able to try in the midst of my various samples, a ghost pepper sauce which was unbelievably flavorful! It wasn't very hot, though, so must have been diluted quite a bit. Even so, I plan on going back to this shop as soon as I have some money! If I have very much money when I go, I am sure I will come away with several bottles of the good stuff! And best of all, PEPPERS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR HEART AND DIGESTION!!!! Life is good!

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