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Angel Note
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Look! Up in the Sky!

INKLINGS posted something today that really got me thinking. She was wishing our brother, Twist a happy birthday and telling stories about him growing up. I am 13 years his junior, so I don't remember any of what she posted. I remember him returning from his LDS mission to Yucatan the night before we were to move to another state. I remember him attending college in that other state. I remember forgetting to relay his message to my parents one night that his car had broken down and he needed them to come get him (I don't think he waited more than three or four hours...). I remember his briefcase and his cat, and the days my dog tried to ruin both in various way (usually trying to eat the cat or pee on the briefcase). I remember going with the family to his wedding (and being scared clean out of my wits by all the older people).
But mostly, I remember having a not-too-small amount of hero-worship regarding both him and our other brother, Stick. Both of these brothers were already past high school before I was even out of elementary. Both of them served LDS missions. And both of them have always known more about some really cool stuff than I have ever even heard! And they didn't just know stuff, they DID it! I've never jumped off the roof holding nothing but a sheet. I NEVER found the hidden "room" in our big house. I have eaten frog legs, but I didn't actually kill, skin, and cook the frogs! I mentioned on Inklings' blog that I've always felt a little left out.
As I grew up, Stick and I shared a room, and as mentioned in another of my posts, he even let me drive his car (he taught me how to drive a standard--or should I say stick?). Most of the cool things I mentioned wanting in another post, I see them using first. I don't have to have everything they have, but some of the things sure make my wallet itch!
Now, don't get me wrong, I love my sisters! Delerious and I shared a room for about the first four years of my life, and I have many fond memories of times we shared over the years. I even went on Inklings' honeymoon! I was 1 year old at the time, and suffered from earaches, so that made for an interesting trip, but how many sisters out there would do that (BTW, Inklings, thanks for not letting Dee Ice come on MY honeymoon like he always threatened he would!). And Nene and I have more fun when we get together than most people would find anywhere else!
For those who don't know, I am the youngest in my family, and have always heard how spoiled I was (am?). This may be true, but I guess after dealing with the rest of them, my mom was just tired of worrying! I am sure that if I had been able to spend all day in the hills eating frog legs, perhaps she would have worried a bit more about me, too! Regardless, Twist, I hope your birthday was special. And to the rest of you, thanks for giving me enough heroes to look up to that I didn't need too many anywhere else!


Delirious said...

aww shucks.... ;)

Nene said...

Golly gee, Mr. Giggles!

Amber said...

great post!! :D I love reading about when ya'll were kids!