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Angel Note
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh My Hair! Part Deux

LadyBug got a new 'do. I will not post the whole story here. If you want to hear it, you must hear it from me directly. Sorry, just covering bases. Here is a picture of her new "cranial prosthetic:"

She goes for her third treatment tomorrow. This puts us more than half-way through the first drug therapy! She will only have ONE MORE TREATMENT OF THE RED DEVIL! Then only four treatments of Cytoxin is left! Of course, then she still has five weeks of radiation, but we are making progress here! 
I am not happy about the fact that I am leaving later that same evening for a weekend trip, but I cannot miss this conference. ZeldaPrincess will be here the whole weekend, and there is a chance that Kissa will be able to come, plus LadyBug will try going to a baby shower Saturday (if she is able).
I am looking forward to two days of training this weekend, plus some warmer weather! I am also looking forward to seeing some of my friends that I only get to see once or twice a year.
I have also started exercising. It's not pretty. So don't ever come to watch. But I am hoping that I can use this to drop even a few more pounds. I also hope that I can get into better condition. I would love nothing more than to get in good enough shape to go on a long-distance bike ride (pedal-bike).


Delirious said...

Wow, that wig looks really, really good!

Good for you doing the exercise! Keep it up! Not to discourage you, but I heard recently that marathons/triathalons are the new "midlife crisis". :) Better than the old ones I think. lol

Nene said...

She looks great! She gets the "Tough Girl Award" from me. She's really been through it!

Dainon said...

Great! Now the pounds will continue to come off, you'll feel great all day, and in a few months time, you and I will be able to take it to the younger B-inlaws in basketball!

Inklings said...

I second the motion to give her the tough girl award. That hairdo looks similar to the way she had it cut awhile ago, looks nice. Hang in there, both of you.