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Angel Note
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Waters Ripple and Flow...

We had a very eventful couple of days this week. First, LadyBug went in to have her filter removed. This is not a permanent situation, since she will have it put back in before the final operations. But it also keeps it from being a permanent addition to her vascular system.
The operation went very well, considering they had to go in through the left side, since the vein on her right side has closed up a little. They said it could be because of scarring, or from the chemo, but it simply meant they went through the other side. She was only in the O.R. an hour, which given our history, is a huge improvement over her usual 6-7 hour surgeries.
When she was out, it was only about 40 minutes until she could be released, so we were happy to not have another long stay! We even decided we had enough time before dinner to go to the dollar theater and take in a good movie.
Unfortunately, we chose "Fair Game," quite possibly the most boring movie in existence!! It is starring Sean Penn, which almost chased me away to begin with, except that his movie "The Interpreter" was pretty good. So we went in. Forty-five minutes later, we went back out, glad that we had only wasted $3. If you are looking for a great movie, look somewhere else. If you are looking for a good nap, stay at home--it's cheaper!
We then called LadyBug's sister and bro-in-law, Pillsbury Snowboy, and went out for sushi! I ate more than I have in awhile, but it was sushi, so too bad, so sad, I'm already over any guilt there wasn't.... Snowboy ate his fill in sushi also, since he'd obviously never had really awesome rolls before! LadyBug had the chicken and rice, and ate better than she had in a week! We were very excited for her to get her appetite back!  
While all of this was going on, our oldest son, Skitl, called to tell us his car had broken down. The gist of it is this: He hasn't been checking his oil or getting services on his car as frequently as he should, and the thousands of miles he's put on it caused the engine to seize. He has applied for a loan with Wells Fargo to fix his car, which requires a new engine. He only has three weeks left there, so it's rather ironic, but we didn't want him stranded in that city without transportation! My parents wondered if they should send him some money to help, but I was able to let them realize that this would not be the help he needs. He will come home and find a job, then go back to school.
When we were on our way home, we needed to stop for a few things at Wally World, and LadyBug got a little dizzy bending over. An hour later (okay more than that, since we drove in almost white-out conditions in that freak snow-storm!) she bent over to give herself a shot, got dizzy, nauseous, and threw up most of the dinner she ate. We called the hospital and they said since she was okay sitting in a recliner to just let her stay there, so she slept in the recliner.
This morning, she was still nauseous and throwing up, so she called Dr. Chemo's office. They said it sounded like she was dehydrated, so we took her to our local hospital, where she was given I.V. fluids, and nausea medicine, etc. We were also given some scrips for medicines she can put under her tongue. Our insurance doesn't like those types of pills, though, so discourage their use by making us pay more co-pay! We couldn't get both medicines, so we just got the nausea medicine, hoping that will help her keep down the other pills she takes. She is home now, and we a re watching her.
Speaking of dehydration, yours truly has been talking with a health-coach, who started me on a tracking sheet to keep track of how much water I drink each day. I have always told my students (and anyone else who will listen) that they need to drink more water, but i never knew just how much I WASN'T drinking! I have been amazed at just how much water 8 cups of water is! And I am getting to see more of the porcelain than usual (I know you are thrilled to know THAT tidy tidbit of information!). I am also adjusting my workouts to make the most out of them, and keeping up with my diet (okay, not a diet but a life-style change as my fitness friend tells me!). I am down almost forty lbs. now, so I am very happy about that--although the sushi binge may have set me back a week!
So there is our week. Not really. That was all just in the last two or three days. I'm beginning to think there are worse things than being bored.
Take care!

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Stick said...

Glad to hear all of the good news, and sad to hear of the latest complication. Hopefully, this too shall pass. Keep up the good work on your weight loss. I can't say mine is going as fast, but I have lost some. I am going to try to post some cartoons on my blog that you might enjoy :o).