Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spinning My Wheel

Not much has changed in our battle with cancer. LadyBug is more nauseous than before, and more tired than before, and has lost all her hair, but not much has changed. She goes up next week to see if she can get her filter removed. They will check for blood flow and clotting. If everything is okay, the doctor will schedule a surgery to remove the filter. Then, when she is ready to start the final stages of reconstruction, she will go back and have the filter put back in. Otherwise, she will have to have the filter replaced again. So we are hoping for good news, one way or the other.
As for me, I have been putting miles on my elliptical bike. It is a nice little machine we bought a few years ago from a golf shop for a nice price. I'll admit, for a while it was just a bulky coat-rack, but now I am spinning away every night. I have started easy, going for 15 minutes a day, which on the odometer amounts to about 2 1/2 miles. It doesn't feel like running that far, though, so I am happy about that. I hate running.
Once I get into better shape, I will up that to twenty or thirty minutes. I am currently trying to run every day except Sunday. Sometimes I am gone, so can't get to my bike, but I think I will live if I miss one or two days here and there.
The best thing, though, is that I have lost 31 lbs.!
On another tangent, those who are in the know are aware that I have finished my book. I submitted it to Shadow Mountain, a publisher that has produced some of my favorite books. I don't have any expectations, but lots of high hopes. That way, if I am rejected, I won't be completely destroyed, just delayed. I will continue to work at this, until I get to where I want to be. As my brother Stick said, at least I will have written a book. It is a huge thing to finish something that big. 
And it has been a while since I was as nervous as I was actually printing my submission and mailing it. Times like that remind you you're still alive, I guess, so it was about as much fun as I've had since I directed the premier of my 1st (and only...) Symphony. 
I find that every so many months, I have a creative burst that takes me in new directions. I have made a pinoeer outfit (some of it anyway), two didjeridoos (from PVC), several transverse flutes, my symphony, my book, numerous poems and songs arrangements, choral pieces, hats and scarfs (polar fleece), a rain-stick, political cartoons, various organization logos, and other little projects. I just feel I NEED to make things, but I never know what is going to spark an interest. I can't wait to see what's next!
We are off tomorrow to find ZeldaPrincess some shoes for Prom, and hopefully find a wheelchair for LadyBug. She is just too tired to get around when we go out. Take care, all. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. May the Lord bless you all.


Stick said...

I have dropped 13 pounds from my current high.

Nene said...

I am working out with Amber right now, but we just started. So I haven't dropped any weight yet, but maybe I can join ya'll's club soon. :0P I think it's great that both of ya'll have lost weight!