Angel Note

Angel Note
"If Music be the food of Love, Play on!" -- Wm. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Eve

Yesterday, we were planning on having a day at home. I was going to mow the lawn, and LadyBug was going to enjoy a nice day inside (I know, but she can't get in the sunlight just yet because of chemo). Then later in the day, we planned to head to Inklings' town to get a couple of things, the foremost being blocks to elevate the head of our bed.
Mere moments before I was going to start getting the mower out, I noticed I had a text from Dee Ice. He said he and Inklings had been at a yard sale and found a wheelchair for LadyBug for $5! He said it was a pretty nice one, so we said to go ahead and get it and we'd be down in a half-hour.   
Upon arrival, we found that he was right--it was a fairly nice chair. Inklings told us she would loan it to us if, when we were done, we would take it to my mother and father, since their chair has been appropriated by relatives. It only being $5, this sounded more than fair to us, so we agreed! The only thing was, we couldn't figure out how to attach the foot pegs.... So we drove back to the yard sale and asked them how to do it. They showed us, and we were able to use the wheelchair for our Walmart visit.
The yard sale did have a few things we could still look at, though, and one of them required that we go back and get our truck. Two hours later, we were home again, and decided to go to the college town just north of us. Kissa wanted to see that city's Miss ____ Pageant. One of her friends was running (and won!), and she wanted to be there to support her. Her talent was an Aerial routine that she and the rest of their dance team had learned how to do this year. For those who don't know, this is where they suspend two long pieces of silky fabric from the rafters, and the girls climb up and do all sorts of twisting, spinning moves. Very cool stuff.
Afterwards, we returned home, where Kissa started watching "Undercover Blues," one of my favorite movies. Big mistake. Two nights in a row of getting to bed late about did me in! 
Skitl came home for the weekend because he has a dentist appointment Monday. I had him help me put the blocks under the head of our bed. They say that if you elevate your bed's head 6" it will help fight reflux. I hope it does. They also say that you body doesn't even notice the 6" elevation. They were wrong. I hate it! My back aches so much today I don't know if I will ever get used to sleeping that way! And I kept having to scoot back up in the bed. We'll see what happens, but right now, I'd almost rather have the reflux.
Well, happy Mother's Day to all my friends and family! Happy birthday to my loving wife, LadyBug! Take care, all!


Delirious said...

Do you take some kind of stomach medicine at night? I have the prescription strength Pepcid, and it works really well. I can also take it in the morning, but I usually don't. Other things that help have to do with diet, and not eating after a certain time of night. I don't usually do that though, and I just keep some tums next to the bed. Some stomach medicines can't be taken with tums, but mine can.

Nene said...

Try lowering the bed 3". I just take Tums... But lately I've been having stomach pains, so may have to get something stronger.

Inklings said...

I have ours elevated, too, and wish I didn't. I measured mine and it is 4 1/2"/ I wasn't told any certain height.
I have never noticed a reflux problem, but the stomach scope I had a few years ago said I have a problem with it in my esophagus, even though I don't notice the reflux.
Too bad we all have that family gene, huh???

Inklings said...

Oh yeah - what did you get at the yard sale? :0) I thought those people were so nice.