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Angel Note
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Not So Far Overhead....

I went in today for a minor surgical procedure. This was done in the doctor's office, instead of the hospital, since it was SO minor. I had a cyst removed from my scalp. It felt, while still in, like it was a huge pocket of whatever-it-was, but once out, was about the size of a small pea.
I remember my dad had one removed from his scalp years ago. It seemed to me that there were several, but mom said it was only one. Of course, I was young, and her memory isn't what it used to be, so who knows?
The doctor numbed the area around the cyst, then cut open my scalp, removed the cyst and sewed me back up in just about 30 minutes. We had a nice conversation while he did it. His daughter is the vice-president of one of my choirs next year, and his nurse's daughter is the president! LadyBug sat in a chair right there in the room reading her magazine and avoiding looking over at me the entire time. Go figure.
Speaking of LadyBug, she continues radiation. She is almost to the end of her first week. She has had 4 treatments, with only 24 more to go! Every day, a different lady from our church picks her up and takes her 90+ miles to the clinic, waits the short time she is in, and brings her home. Some of them go to lunch with her, others bring her directly home, arriving around lunch time. We are truly grateful for all the assistance, especially since I am going to have to get a summer job to pay for our roofing project!
Kissa works at our local Sandwich franchise, and ZeldaPrincess still works at our local grocer. We don't know how soon LadyBug will be able to work at all. WE know her coworkers are anxious for her to be better. None more than the lady doing her job right now! They all pray for a speedy recovery (and return to work!).
School is almost out, with only two more full days left. It is late now, and I need all my strength for this coming week, so I will bow out of further blogging. You can check out another post at my No Apologies blog if you are desperate for reading. Good night.


Misty Smith said...

We will continue to pray for you family!! keep it up you guys are great.

Nene said...

I've got a bump on my scalp and wonder if it is a cyst. I'm going in for a checkup Thursday so I'll ask my dr about it then. I had a missionary (ex-Seminary student) who had a cyst removed from his scalp while he was on his mission in the Ukraine. It's interesting to me that the drs remove them - especially since they don't cause any pain do they? Maybe they're afraid they'll burst and hurt your brain?

Inklings said...

My 2 oldest boys have had to have cysts removed from their scalps, too.