Angel Note

Angel Note
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Friday, June 17, 2011

On the Hunt

I find myself in a situation I have not been in for years. Starting tomorrow, I will be ACTIVELY seeking a job. Not to worry, I am not leaving my career, nor am I leaving this school. But I can no longer just wait and hope the Temp agency will call me.
Two times now, I have applied with this particular agency, and they have found me work within days both times. This year, however, it seems not as many people are hiring temporary employees. I will not point political fingers, but this economy is just not where it was even a year ago! And it was bad enough then!
Anyway, the gist of the matter is that I was speaking with my bishop tonight, and he told me I need to look at this as a situation that may possibly become permanent. If, for some reason, LadyBug is unable to EVER go back to work, it will be up to me to make up her lost income. 
This statement was one of the most frightening things I have heard. I have always held onto the hope that LadyBug will be able to eventually return to work. The truth is, we just don't know. And with all the bills that have piled up over the past little while, if we don't find a way to stay ahead, we will quickly be buried.
So, I will stop thinking of this job-hunt as a quest for a one-month gig. I need to see this as a renewable resource for the future. Once the school year starts back up again, I will return to teaching, and that includes my duties as a member of the adjunct faculty at the nearby college. Those students will easily save us, especially since no part-time job can compare with the hourly wage I get as a collegiate-level instructor!
The one thing I will hold to is my refusal to work Sundays. I know this puts me at a disadvantage, but I have to believe that if a job is the one I should get, the Lord will provide a way for me to obey his commandment of keeping the Sabbath day holy. I will not pretend to be better than those who have worked or now work on Sundays, but as long as I can remember, I have been able to find the jobs that allow me to stick with this tenet of our faith.
Other than that, I don't care what I do. A very humbling matter that has come to me is the fact that even with a Master's Degree, I am not qualified for most labor-related jobs. While all those who have getting-your-hands-dirty work experience were learning different skills, I was working in a telemarketing cubicle. While some were getting life experience in garages or farms, I was getting more classroom experience in summer classes, or retail sales experience.The crux of the matter is that most companies that are looking for help are looking for EXPERIENCED help, and will not look twice at someone like me.
So again we are asking all our friends and family to keep us in your prayers. LadyBug is doing very well thanks to all the prayers on her behalf. Now we ask for your faith for us to find a good job for me. 
One thing I have been very selfish about thus far is the fact that a job with any potential to help us would mean I would not be able to spend much time (if any) with my family this year. I know there have been years where others have not been able to come for various reasons, but i have never missed a family reunion. It is one of the things I look forward to most all year long. This summer, however, I may just not get much of a summer after all. I hope that things will work out. In whatever way the Lord will allow, regardless of what that means. We still are looking at options, but for now I will also be clipping the proverbial Help-Wanted ads.


Stick said...

Been there and done that Bro'. Our prayers are with you. Have faith that the Lord will bless you. He certainly blessed us. I still marvel at the way things worked out.

Delirious said...

Here is an idea that I ran across not long ago. It doesn't make much, but you could do it in addition to whatever job you get! :) I know the wife of the owner of this company. They are good people.

Inklings said...

I think you are doing the right thing and what is necessary. You will probably still at least get to come on the weekend. I have had years when I couldn't come the whole time, too. Sometimes it happens. I will pray for you, and in fact, already have, so you would know what to do.

Nene said...

Have you ever thought about just going to places like Walmart, or fast food, or grocery stores, etc. and just telling them you need a one month job. You never know that they might just need a bit of help for that long. Plus, when they see you have a Masters degree, they know you will be a quick learner and might hire you. Even if they don't, they might know of someplace that will hire you. The more people you talk to, the better your chances are of finding something. We'll keep you in our prayers. Good luck!