Angel Note

Angel Note
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Take 2!

So I submitted my book to Cedar Fort Publishers. They are not as well known as some of the big publishers, but they have some very nice books, and their vision statement is in line with what I want. They received my book yesterday. I know my brother Twist also sent his book to them. If Stick sends his in, maybe they'll give us a bulk deal?
A few of the things I really liked about this publisher is that 1) they want to deal with new authors; 2) they are looking for books that have higher values; and 3) even though most of their books are church related, they have some fiction & fantasy books already published! I really feel my story, and especially my protagonist will please them. Now I just have to find out whether or not they like my writing style!
I also have a couple of updates. First, I had my interview with a company just north of us that I worked for last year. There were four computer-based assessment tests, along with a video conference interview with about a half-dozen corporate members. I've never had this big a deal for an entry-level job in my life! Even for my teaching job I only talked with a few people.
Lastly, LadyBug finishes her radiation treatments TUESDAY! We can't believe there are only two appointments left! Afterwards, we still have however many months of reconstruction, but we are THIS close to at least being done with treatments. A lady in our town has been battling MUCH longer than us, and is losing her battle. I saw her daughter at the post office today. I can't believe the strength her family has in the face of such a devastating loss! They are truly inspiring to us.
We truly appreciate all the prayers on our behalf. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't feel the blessings from them! We may have trouble, but as we have seen, not only could things be worse, but they also keep getting better!


Delirious said...

Yay, only two more appointments! Hopefully now she will start feeling better. Good luck with the job interview.

Nene said...

I'm so glad she's almost done! We're praying that she will regain her health and strength now.

Inklings said...

I am so happy for her to be almost done with radiation, and hope things get better and better for you all.

Stick said...

Our prayers are with you for her recovery, and for your job situation.

Misty Smith said...

Hey so I saw that you sent your book in I actually am a book reviewer for a website called squeaky clean books anyways I've reviewed a few books from Cedar Fort Publishers and am currently reviewing one right now!! That would be awesome if everything went great with your book!! Good luck and of course we are always praying for you two!! Atleast you guys are almost done with that part of the process!!